Bearded Collie Gallery

Beatles - Beardies arrive at Tea Party

Image: bearded collies in vw beetle

Here comes the sun

Image: Midshires Bearded Collie Tea Party

With a little help from my friends - we do agility

Image: beardie agility fun

Roll over Beethoven

Image: Bearded collie in tunnel

Helter Skelter

Image: bearded collie on walkway

She loves you

Image: bearded collies

Baby its you

Image: bearded collie fancy dress

Come together

Image: line up of beardies

You know who I am


You really got a hold on me

Image: You really got a hold on me

Some other Guy - Beardies friends welcome

Image: Some other guy

Two cool cats


All together now - family reunions

Image: Take good care of my baby

Come and get it


Here There and Everywhere


Act Naturally


Don't pass me by


Across the Universe


Do you want to know a secret


The End for a Day Tripper


And if you took these photos thank you very much.

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