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It is with deep regret that after careful consideration Midshires Bearded Collie Club announces the cancellation of its 1st August 2021 Championship Show which was to be held at Bridge Street Leisure Centre, Leominster.
The Leisure Centre is now being utilised as a Covid Testing and Vaccination Centre and the Management has recently informed us that these arrangements are being extended and the Centre could only offer a possible date in November, if their Covid work has been finalised. These November weekend dates already have beardie shows in the Calendar.
The overload of the show calendar and venues in Autumn, financial viability and the Club's own internal availability resulted in a decision to unfortunately have to cancel the show.
The Club greatly appreciates the support of its Members, Judges, helpers and exhibitors and regret having to disappoint anyone with this difficult decision. 
We look forward to returning to normality in 2022.
Kim Evans

Cancellation Midshires Championship Show 18th July 2021 re Crufts The Kennel Club contacted Midshires Bearded Collie Club recently to discuss with us that they intended to move Crufts and in particular the Pastoral Group, to our date 18th July 2021. After discussion, and the Kennel Club were very keen to help Midshires in this matter and had clearly given options some thought, our Championship Show of 18th July 2021 is cancelled. Our apologies to our Judges who would not have been aware of this until the Kennel Club announcement, we were request not to announce the cancellation to anyone until the Kennel Club were able to make their Press Release regarding Crufts. Remember that this is our July Show, the Championship Show on 1st August 2021 is still planned to take place. Onwards and Upwards. Stay safe. Kim


Midshires Bearded Collie Club 2021 – the plans so far (October 2020)

For 2021 we have planned, in the hope that Covid restrictions at the time permit, two shows both in the Summer as we feel that outdoor shows are more likely to go ahead than our usual February show.  We may be outdoors and socially distanced but hopefully we will be together again.  We should have some shows before then including club shows so we are all fingers crossed.

To replace the 2020 show we will be holding a Championship Show on 18th July 2021 at Three Counties Showground Malvern in conjunction with Evesham & District Canine Society, we are grateful to them for their help and welcome.   We have chosen a general open show to share with as we felt this may have more of the relaxed Club Show atmosphere than would be possible at a general Championship Show and are grateful to the Kennel Club for agreeing to this.    This show will be an opportunity to test a shared space which is something that may have to become more the norm in the future as costs rise and committee numbers decrease.    It is nice that our original judges for 2020 are still able to judge, we will have Ellen Sullivan (Navillus) for dogs and Tony Burscough (Kilfinan) for bitches, Shelagh Walker (Douglasdale) will judge Best in Show.

The 18th July is the day after the lovely National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Show at the same venue where Christina Bailey (Zottel) is due to judge the breed, the KC intention is that exhibitors can make a weekend of showing and that as shows must be within 30 miles of each other this will be easier for them.  Whether an exhibitors’ home life allows a two days away will differ with each individual.  An additional benefit for Bearded Collie exhibitors will be that Evesham have invited Nicola Whelan (Corimist) to judge their Premier Open Show classes, as Nicola is a breed specialist we will not be holding any special classes in our part of the show and would encourage you to support Evesham and the breed’s up and coming judges by entering their classes.

On 1st August 2021 we will run our 2021 Championship Show hopefully Leominster will have re-opened by then.  Our judges will be Leslie Tomlinson (Coalacre) for Dogs, Althea Richardson (Caramac) for bitches and Sue Carter (Woodacre) for Best in Show.   Possibly as the Sunday is the 1st of the month we are not consecutive days with Paignton for 2021, their Bearded Collie day is scheduled to be 9th August, so that may make the 17/18 July weekend two days of shows for Bearded Collie exhibitors rather than the usual one in August.

We are now and will be a tiny Committee, and frankly for me 2021 will be a case of just getting through what we need to so that these shows happen.   Covid has brought into stark spotlight the problems of declining participating numbers in not only our lovely bearded collies but also our lovely committee people.  For various reasons, mostly ill health, a few of our committee will be leaving us at our next AGM (date to be announced), they have done so much I thank them and wish them well.  Anyone who is interested in joining us to keep the Club viable is very welcome to do so, just contact myself or Jane Palmer.

Stay safe all of you.

Hugs to your Beardies

Kim Evans

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